Featured Work

These are not only projects that I really loved working on, but ones that I feel helped me grow, build on my skills, and, ultimately, showcase my capabilities.

Online Banking Game

web development

An online banking system as part of a client’s educational board game. Meant to be used in live group sessions, the administrator can send paydays and share examples from willing individuals with the whole group. Users can manage their budget, add/remove various sources of income, and keep track of various goals needed to complete the game.

Cultural Connections by Design

web design

Full site design and branding for this diversity consulting company, including several illustrations to help their brand emphasize that their approach is unique by being friendly, innovative, and most importantly, fun.

Aegis Archive

web design

This book’s author wanted to simulate a futuristic dashboard, including a mock login and police-like character profiles. This site also employed various animations and sound effects, as well as a custom-built backend plugin to manage the site’s many hidden easter eggs!

Super Bunny Club

web design

Cuteness alert! The design for this author’s site was inspired by their book’s quaint and nostalgic illustrations. The client was interested in growing a community of fellow bunny owners, so a forum was set up on the site, as well as a page to spotlight fans’ pet rabbits. Community members are required to take the “Super Bunny Pledge” and receive a digital membership card on joining!

Tender Folk Co.

web design

A clean and minimalistic design for a children’s art website. Includes a shopping cart, blog, and FAQ page.

University of Utah

Office for Equity and Diversity

web design

A fresh look for the Office for Equity and Diversity at the University of Utah. Included some features to make the highly-academic site a little more approachable for students, including staff photos that rollover to a fun and unexpected second photo.