Graphic Design

Human Rights Campaign

Brochure & Invite Design

I was asked to design the 2016 Salt Lake HRC Gala invite. The trifold cover image will also be used for the event program and backdrop. Love seeing my work in action, so I’m excited to attend the event!

Human Rights Campaign

Alternate Design

I realized early on with this design that it was not at all the appropriate style for the HRC invite, but it was so fun that I had to finish it! No one else got to see it, so I wanted to share it here.

Neelam & Shibu

Wedding Guestbook

I illustrated this 10 page guestbook for Neelam and Shibu, which details their love story. Guests were encouraged to write a note anywhere there was empty space. Turned out super cute, if I say so myself!

Women's Week 2016

Poster Design

Created this mini poster series for the 2016 Women’s Week events at the University of Utah. It was fun to do something semi pop-art-ish!

Women's Week

Logo Design

The Women’s Week committee at the University of Utah has a long history but little recognition. Enter a branding campaign! I created this logo to demonstrate the strength of women, with the flame making a subtle “w.”

U Remembers

Logo Design

The University of Utah has been honoring the victims of the Holocaust for many years with their U Remembers events. This logo is symbolic of the eternal flame of remembrance.

Academic Advising

Logo Design

A fun and friendly logo I created for the academic advisors at the University of Utah.

Martin Luther King, Jr Celebration

Poster Design

A couple of my favorite MLK posters from the last few years at the University of Utah. Always fun and a challenge!